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Software engineers at GDS build, maintain and support an increasing number of platforms used by the UK government to make it easy to make and improve public services.

We work in agile teams and use continuous deployment, alongside designers, researchers and content designers.

We write quality code and implement toolkits and APIs designed for security, stability, performance optimisation and simple integration. You can find out more about our work here.

We care about how the performance and maintainability of our code impacts how our users experience government.

At GDS we actively contribute to the development community, identifying good practices and sharing knowledge of tools and techniques.

Software engineering at GDS includes a few different specialisms:

  • frontend developers: building webpages using accessible HTML, CSS, Javascript and related stuff

  • backend developers: putting information into databases and then taking it back out again, using Ruby, Python, Java, Node and others

  • site reliability engineers: building digital infrastructure and tooling. Find out more about how our engineers prepare for incident rehearsals

  • Technical Architects: making strategic technical decisions about how to deliver efficient, easy to use digital services and platforms

You'll probably have the chance to do all of these things, and contribute to other areas like design or product management. Picking a specialism that reflects your particular strengths will help with making sure your career progresses in the area you're most interested in.

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